Women Underwear It Solves The Fabric Fouling And Hardening After Many Washing

- Oct 20, 2017 -

How do you usually wash your Women Underwear? Put the water in the basin, add the washing powder, and then put the clothes inside to soak and rub. Do you usually do laundry steps? But personal clothing is not suitable for washing detergent, detergent is too irritating, it is best to choose soap powder. Soap powder is a SOAP washing products, decontamination effect and soap, but more natural, reduce the stimulation of clothing.

Nowadays people seem to be getting lazier, even if they use a special washing machine for their Women Underwear. Many people in the laundry, will habitually choose washing powder. Actually, the machine washes the intimate clothing, the detergent is irritating too strong, the best choice soap powder.

Soap powder is a washing product of powder soap. Soap Powder decontamination principle is same as soap, physical, pure natural, low stimulation, at the same time, it also retains the good decontamination ability of soap. Furthermore, the natural decontamination active ingredient added in the soap powder can also protect the fabric, the clothes after washing can be fluffy and soft without the use of softener, which solves the problems of fabric fouling, hardening and electrostatic with many times after washing, and the effect is better than washing powder. In addition, soap powder washing produced a small bubble, machine wash more easily rinse clean, to avoid residual incentives skin, but also save water, it is two birds.

Of course, the daily use of detergent, should also be based on the nature of clothing to choose the appropriate washing supplies. Natural Soap powder is more suitable for washing clothes, infant Women Underwear and diapers, laundry fluid is more suitable for washing soft clothes, washing powder is more suitable for cleaning denim clothing, heavy coats and curtains, sofa cover and so on.

Some people in washing clothes, for water-saving, usually first wash Women Underwear, and then wash the coat, and then wash socks and other sundries, a basin of washing in the end, dirty and black. In this way, although some of the clothes to ensure cleanliness, but the last washing clothes pollution is very serious. In particular, socks and women's Women Underwear washing more harmful, will cause female genital diseases. Some people for the convenience of the map, put all the clothes to be replaced in the washing machine together, in the washing machine stirring, friction process, clothing bacteria, color, peeling off the fiber, inevitably mutual pollution. It's more complicated to get laundry from a dry cleaner, a healthy person, a patient, or a contagious patient.

Some people's washing machine is never clean, as long as the movement has been washed, drainage of the wall is full of cloth crumbs and dirt, breeding a lot of viruses, bacteria. The dirt and germs in the laundry process are contaminated with clothing.

Many people think that clothes are too dirty, or the detergent is cheap, often excessive use of detergent, but rinse time is not enough, clothes often residue detergent. Detergents are mostly alkyl benzene compounds, a certain degree of irritation to the skin, but also affect the liver function.

Dry cleaning use of detergent is more than four vinyl chloride, petrol, etc., to human health is also harmful. According to normal regulations, dry cleaning clothes after a period of drying, such as the chemical detergent after the evaporation to wear.

To prevent cross-contamination in the laundry process from harming human health, each person's clothes should be washed separately, at least the children and adults should be washed separately, the health, the sick clothes separate wash, Women Underwear, coats separate wash, not too dirty clothes, too dirty clothes separate wash; Don't put too much detergent on the laundry, rinse it a few times more, especially in the Women Underwear; dry cleaning clothes get back to full drying, such as chemical detergent completely volatile and then wear, washing machines should be cleaned and disinfected.