Underwear Unknown 12 Secret Colors Better Not Pick Black

- Sep 26, 2016 -

United Kingdom's daily mail survey noted that in terms of wearing panties, people often make the material selected is wrong, wearing far too loose or too tight, the style is not appropriate, not often change, wearing a pair of panties for years and other errors. On this basis, the life times journalists targeted interviews with experts, from men and women gives the most detailed, practical guidance.

Best cotton breathable material. Underwear next to the skin is almost male "delicate" where, if the material used is wrong, will increase friction, cause reddening or tingling, severe also chafed skin, easy to increase the male common skin diseases "Jock" (namely, groin, dermatitis). Beijing maternity hospital said Malo, Director of Urology, one or two degrees lower than the abdominal temperature inside the scrotum, it is the sperm "like" temperature. Therefore, good men underwear must proceed on two "standards", it is absorbent, and the other is breathable, or easy to "cover" problem, causing bacteria near the warm and sweaty testicles. Suggested silk, Lycra, nylon, synthetic (polyester) materials such as panties removed from the closet, cotton underwear is the best choice for men.

Size to "tailor". Men sometimes feel testicular pain, although there are many possible causes, but for sure the pants are too tight on the problem, because the testis is a fear pressure on organs. Panties clung to, will increase the friction between the two legs, effects of walking. Middle-aged and elderly people in particular to choose a loose and comfortable underwear. Qu Jing, Deputy Secretary General of the China knitting Association stressed that loose is not to say that the song the better, but be sure to pay attention to their body, find their size. When underwear size not in male private parts fold, and when you do not cling to the body, and is the right size.

Square pants to protect the sperm. In 2012, the United Kingdom Sheffield University scientists found that men whose sperm concentration is less than wear tight underwear to wear square underwear (that is often said that the boxer briefs) of men. Square underwear can provide relatively comfortable temperature for testicles, sperm quality is guaranteed. Corners type of underwear have, apart from the outside to the right size, choose close, just below the crotch, one or two inches in length. "Made man" young people plan, quadrangular underwear is preferred.

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