The Functionality Of Sportswear

- Jan 04, 2018 -

The functionality of sportswear

(1) protection function. Many sports sports have certain dangers, such as fencing, racing, especially clothing protection.

(2) breathable and breathable function. The heat and sweat of sports are more and more vaporized. It is required that the heat and air permeability of the clothes be good, such as playing basketball, and the clothing is crucial to the smooth discharge of heat and humidity and sweat.

(3) the extension function, can guarantee the body stretch freely, such as swimming suits, ski suit, overalls and other sports clothing must have a good extension function, so as to adapt to the needs of the athletes when large movement.

(4) warm and warm functions, some sports and sports require the clothing to be a body warm function, such as ski clothes, mountaineering clothing and other clothing, the thermal function of the higher requirements.

(5) antibacterial function. For the long period of wearing tight clothing, such as gymnastics, ballet, and other knitted sportswear, it is easy to breed bacteria between the body and clothing due to the long duration of sweat and sweat. It is easy to change skin disease.

(6) anti-ultraviolet function, many sports programs are carried out in the outdoor, and the required clothing and training clothes should have better anti-ultraviolet function.