The Function And Function Of Sportswear

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Maximum function of sport is that at the time of exercise can play the potential of the athletes, to the greatest extent and in outdoor activities when wearing comfort and whether it can protect the body from harm. Nowadays, the natural demand of consumers is the performance of clothing, such as protection performance and comfort performance, etc. While it is said that prices are more likely to be considered when buying, the applicability of high-performance clothing also stimulates consumption. Sportswear tends to be thin, soft, durable and easy to wash and dry. High-performance sportswear fabrics consider two main factors is to maximize the clothing comfort, 2 it is minimum to reduce the risk of accidental injury or muscle damage, and reduce the friction and resistance. High performance clothing has various functions. For example, protective wearers are not affected by external factors, such as sunshine, wind, rain, snow, etc. For example, whether it helps to control the body's heat, and timely discharge sweat and so on. Different movement of the sportswear has its corresponding targeted, such as basketball, is a very dynamic and competitive sport, accordingly, professional basketball sport function and will need to highlight perspiration permeability, feel comfortable in the movement; Like bicycle racing, it is the athlete's speed, endurance and skill, which should be protective, close-fitting and comfortable.