Sport Men How To Choose Underwear

- Sep 26, 2016 -

While the men without women's underwear so many kinds and colors, but men choose underwear do not be sloppy because underwear is the most close to the genital area, men's health, men must, of course, picking the right underwear.

Exercise can help you to be proud of your body healthy and fit body, and will make your lover and make it out of control are met. "Motion man", exercise also increases testosterone levels, promote libido, and helps blood flow, and speed of blood flow will make erectile ability.

Sport if not dressed properly, can also damage male potency. Exercise Fitness, increase in body temperature, while traditional panties tight, local acts like a small steamer, temperature increases lead to malformation and necrosis sperm inside the scrotum, and so on. Scientific studies show that this would lead to a "motion man" have a negative impact on reproductive health. When most of sports, I like to wear sweat-absorbent cotton underwear, and unscientific, because cotton "sweat more than lack of sweat" is also a killer of men.

Experts suggest that solve this problem, u can wear sports underwear. The underwear designed a scrotal pouch, scrotal bag made of silk fabric, protects the testes are not subject to external temperature and humidity, absorb and emit water excretion, perspiration and secretions of the skin, keep the skin clean. U sports briefs particularly suited to golf, fitness, spinning, yoga and outdoor activities, long duration, physical sports, wearing comfort and protect the men's reproductive.

If you are a men who love sports, then exercise the panties you choose wear underwear when peace is different. Therefore, I hope that when men in underwear, also need to distinguish between time periods, choose for one's own underwear. This way, we can exercise at the same time, does not damage the vagina healthy.

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