Short Sleeves T-shirts Fresh And Concise Atmosphere

- Nov 01, 2017 -

In this hot summer, Short Sleeves T-shirts has become a symbol of street fashion, whether it is the foundation or the trend of money, can wear different new tricks. Look at the tide people are how to use short sleeve t to play summer wear it ~

Round-neck printing + dark embroidery completely fresh! Impetuous summer can still be so fresh!

Autumn Chrysanthemum Sports suit concise atmosphere, autumn chrysanthemum elements are the hot elements of these years, the whole set of people in front of a bright,Short Sleeves T-shirts like the movement of MM can be considered OH

Japanese and Korean wind, a simple T-shirt, with shorts, bust skirts are OK.

Summer to a beautiful T-shirt trend of the OH

1. "Loose short sleeve T-shirt"

The Korean version of the loose short sleeve T-shirt, appropriate loose looks will not be very fat, wearing a very comfortable with the sex, is the feeling of summer,Short Sleeves T-shirts its chest of the letter logo design, seemingly very casual, but inadvertently show your attitude.

2. "Pure white short sleeve T-shirt"

Well worn to the wayward white T, needless to say that we all know that in the summer to buy a, I usually have to prepare a few, very concise paragraph,Short Sleeves T-shirts puppy embroidery is very delicate and special, soft breathable fabric, relaxed version of the quality is very enhanced.

3. "Korean Letter printing T-shirt"

T-shirt version is a slightly looser design, inclusiveness is very good, wear up more casual leisure, the chest is to do the design of letters, the above written "GirlBoss", this is an attitude!

4. "One word shoulder loose striped T-shirt"

Classic not easily outdated stripes, simple and refreshing color, red and white fashion and overhangs, although only simple elements, but the classic is not outdated oh, combined with the current popular one-word collar design, with a little sexy ~

5. "Bright silk loose print T-shirt"

Super flash of a short sleeve T, chest beauty head of the printing, very foreign said, and fried chicken hundred, casual with a cowboy shorts, you can go out,Short Sleeves T-shirts become fashionable tatsu people, shiny and bright is really hin suitable for this season!