Short Sleeves T-shirts Free Passion, Bravery And Firmness

- Sep 30, 2017 -

In this hot summer, short-sleeved T-shirt has become a symbol of street fashion, whether it is the basic section or the trend of money, can wear clothing with different new tricks. Look at the tide people are how to use short-sleeved T Fun summer ride to ride it ~

Round neck print + dark embroidery completely fresh! Impetuous summer can still be so fresh!

Fashion personality tide t, tassel hem design nostalgia, restless mood emotions tempted, eager, with chasing freedom of passion, bravery and firm.

Summer came, how can the closet get a little woman and a little sexy lapel it. Sexy lips leopard printed bats sleeves tide coat, fashion personality, fashionable foreign style, like not to be missed Oh!

Before the old section received a special favorite, darling on the basis of this change, changed the way the sleeves wear and hem lace, more women and light and beautiful, do not feel tired to wear, simple and relaxed bat models, very recommended The

Cost-effective tall clothes, cover belly fashion star Fan children, high-grade fabric, exquisite workmanship, beautiful layout, so you instantly confident full,short-sleeved T-shirt who said there is a small belly can not be fashionable, can not pull the wind!

They are a woman with a diamond-like multicolored aura. Every luster has its unique beauty to attract you.

This section of the darling of the special choice of high quality Ma yarn imitation silk yarn root, do not underestimate the collar where less than 10 cm of the gauze, the cost of more than 7 times the price of ordinary European root yarn, the atmosphere of the word generous fashion, petal design fully highlighted Little woman's temperament.

Europe and the United States wind bat sleeve micro-piercing seven-point sleeve chiffon shirt, it is easy to wear a ride, the fabric is to get everyone praise Tiansi cotton chiffon composite silk,short-sleeved T-shirt very comfortable fabric, and very cool, for a small belly and Arm a little thick MM this is definitely a must received a loose version of the type of micro-through the effect of completely cover the small shortcomings Oh!

You can not miss this, round neck design, sleeves on the fold, more obvious features, to a simple dress a dotted, making the clothes simple and not monotonous.

Very casual classic match, white short-sleeved t-shirt with Slim cowboy trousers and hollow canvas shoes, simple and a little fresh, very fashionable.