Pectoralis Major Running Can Cause Sagging

- Sep 26, 2016 -

For the fitness of women, to protect the chest, when wearing a suitable sport underwear is essential. Currently selling sports bra on the market, in General, there are two: one is shaped like a vest, large cloth covered chest as a whole using the chest, breast close to the chest, inhibit breast bouncing during exercise. Another Cup is wrapped and the thorax, some containing soft rims, and increased support. Expert opinion: vest-shape sports bra for breasts Petite, bras are a and b Cup women suits women over the c Cup sports bra Cup.

United Kingdom force Dartmouth University study found that women in the process of running, not just sloshing around in the chest, it is rendered "8"-shaped rock, which can speed up breast suspensory ligament damage, leading to sagging breasts.

Found that most people run a mile (1609 m), chest shaking 135 metres, even a 34A Cup, will leave the body during exercise 42mm; for 36C women in sports, breasts bounce up and down is about 119mm. This is a dramatic swing, cause permanent injury to the elastic fibers of the chest, leading to sagging breasts.

Which is why the brand will launch "Sports Bra", a good sports bra can help you achieve good support results in the process, and lets you run as far as possible in the process of dramatically reduce chest jolts.

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