Long Sleeves T-shirts Feel Free To Look Good

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Long sleeves T-shirt women spring and autumn wear, through the disturbing working day, finally looking forward to the weekend or holiday, of course, to be replaced by a relaxed long-sleeved T-shirt was the most comfortable. Whether it is picnic or sister Amoy, wear long-sleeved T-shirt wild any lower body, let you switch between the various styles at will.

Late summer and autumn, the most comfortable than long-sleeved T-shirt, a variety of solid colors and stripes, loose and self-cultivation T-shirt, dazzling, whether it is outside or as a jacket inside the ride is very appropriate. Today we have to look at, long-sleeved T-shirt to wear with how to look good! Casual or sexy free to switch.

Long Sleeve T-shirt with shorts

Long-sleeved T-shirt with shorts, loose style T-shirt clothing pendulum is not tied into the pants, if the shadow if exposed pants side, looks like no pants, in the summer tail and then play a small sexy The

At the end of the spring and early summer, sooner or later the temperature difference is a bit big when we need a long-sleeved T-shirt, with a short pants can easily go out, a long-sleeved T-shirt can be a single wear can also be taken as a ride. So long sleeves T-shirt with what pants look good?

Elegant printing T-shirt + dark gray leggings

This print long sleeves T-shirt, simple style wearing a very comfortable and generous, pink print reveals a slight elegance, hit the pink + black with a very temperament, under the accompanied by a dark gray leggings + black Short boots, elongated the proportion of your body, was thin full of points, very seductive, autumn must.

Ladies lace long sleeves T-shirt + simple leggings

Lace has always been girls are like elements, can highlight the elegant temperament of girls, this lace long-sleeved T-shirt can show your quiet and elegant ladies temperament it, romantic beautiful hand-painted printing is a sense of fashion, with On the gray leggings Slim full, feet wearing a hit color of the boots, interpretation of autumn romantic style.

Loose long-sleeved T-shirt + light gray leggings

Want to create a lazy with the feeling of sex, then this dress you will love, orange pink long-sleeved T-shirt, fashion wild, is the fall with the necessary fashion single product, long style coat cover small belly , Was thin full of points, wearing a light gray under the leggings, fashion and generous, with casual shoes, random sense full, body moments change better!

Printed long-sleeved T-shirt + fake two-legged pants

Want to create Korean girl Fan, this small fresh white shirt can help you, loose version of the type of possession of meat was thin, with gray on two false leggings, hip skirt look more legs Of the slender, simple dress is very tall! Plus hit the color of the casual shoes, Han Fan Fan full match.