How To Choose A Sports Bra That Suits You

- Dec 12, 2017 -

 How to choose a sports bra that suits you

It's important to dress properly in a gym, especially for women. If you want to get the best out of your outfit, it's best to keep pace with fashion. Lucy & amp, editor-in-chief of us magazine self. # xB7; Danzig, on good morning America, revealed how to dress to make the best of it.

According to one survey, 73 percent of women said they felt wobbly during exercise, and 84 percent were embarrassed or uncomfortable. During the movement, if the movement continues to oscillate, it will also loosen the ligaments, which will droop.

Therefore, women should choose the appropriate sports bra to reduce the swing. Lucy, points out that when choosing a sports bra, we should pay attention to it in sports need support level, which depends on two things: first, want to choose according to their own specific the size of the chest, the size, the greater the need of the higher the level of support. Second, look at the type of exercise. The more intense the movement, the higher the level of support required.

For women with smaller breasts (a-b cup), extruded bra should be used to tighten the chest, and make the weight distributed to the surrounding area. The bra strap should feel strong, but not too tight. Don't give it a red print. It is better to have the rubber cushion to prevent slippery, can reduce the friction in the movement.

For women with large breasts (C - D cup), to prevent the ejection, you can choose the surrounding sports underwear, tightly surround, the fabric should be strong, the sling is wider, the whole cup is the best.

Try on a bra, can jump a few times in the fitting room, see if it can support the chest enough, can also use high thrusts, cat again low body, move the arm as much as possible, see if it interferes with activities.

In terms of texture, choose something cool, such as cotton or nylon, so it doesn't sweat.