Choose A Sports Bra According To The Intensity Of Your Exercise

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Classification of sports bra on the market, in addition to the design, the function is divided into ordinary fixed shoulders, v-shaped belt back design, such as design of i-section back outside, and the strength of the classification, can be roughly divided into high, medium and low strength grade three.

Low-intensity sports bras match small women with small breasts or low-intensity sports. Such as walking, golf, billiards, archery, etc. The intensity of a sports bra matches a woman with a larger chest or a higher intensity. Generally speaking, aerobic exercise, bicycle and other sports belong to moderate intensity. High-intensity sports bras are suitable for women with large breasts for high intensity sports. Generally speaking, running, equestrian, volleyball, basketball and other sports are high intensity sports. Of course, the same types of exercise vary in intensity, such as yoga, low, medium, and high intensity. The choice is based on the personal constitution, the outer layer and the middle layer of clothing and the environment that will be faced. In exercise more, sweat more, the environment is bad, or composite fabric bra is better choice, namely the inner is pure warmth, or comfort good fiber material, and the outer is hygroscopic and sweat, fastness good fibre materials.