The material of the sportswear

- Aug 30, 2017 -

The fabric is mainly chemical fiber

From the current market of hot selling sportswear, in the pursuit of the wet perspiration to perform excellent fabrics.This kind of material is chemical fiber product, the polyester is in the majority.Common on the market at present CoolMax, CoolBST etc, they are by increasing the capillary effect of fiber itself, make human body on the surface of the sweat through clothing spread quickly, keep the clothes dry, make people feel comfortable...

The reason for choosing chemical fiber

Chemical fiber fabric is able to absorb sweat, mainly because it absorbs sweat, the sweat spreads very quickly, and can evaporate quickly on the other side of the fabric.The moisture absorption performance of cotton fiber is very good, but it is slow to be wet and slow to spread the sweat, making sweat easier to concentrate.Once a person is exercising and sweating profusely, cotton fiber sweat, the wet feeling is serious, will stick to the body more uncomfortable...

Elastic material is added

Sportswear has been added to the elastic fabric for easy movement.When a person is moving, the elbow, knee joint, or hip are greatly deformed.If clothes are loosely structured, these places don't have a binding force when they're moving.If you add some stretchy fabric to the badly deformed parts of your sportswear, you won't have any functional impact on your movement.