The four basic functions of sportswear

- Aug 30, 2017 -

The four basic functions of sportswear

Master the basic function of the four elements of the exercise clothes, to play the most effective.

1. Protective function: anti-wind, waterproof, inclement weather.

2. Isolation function: keep warm.

3. Moisture permeability and air permeability: make sure the heat from the body can be released through the fabric.

4. The elastic function: to provide sports is the demand of the running, jumping "Clothing physiology" is for what you did to functional sports and leisure Clothing a paint, is a philosophy of interaction between human body and clothes, in the human body shows the characteristics of comfortable, healthy and high performance.To make it concrete, we must fully understand the parameters of fiber, spinning weaving, fabric density, thickness, weight, color and clothing, etc.