Functional Knee Braces

- Aug 31, 2017 -

FunctionalKnee Braces

Most patients who are concerned about knee braces already have a ligament injury. These patients may be interested in the functional knee braces. These functional knee braces are designed to compensate for a torn knee ligament.

Function knee braces are not as effective as normal knee ligaments.  However, the functional knee braces may help in patients who have a ligament injury. There have been a number of studies to investigate the effectiveness of these knee braces. The summary of these studies is that functional knee braces provide some protection to the knee at low loads. This means that when a force is applied to a knee that is supported with a functional knee brace, it is more stable than without the brace.

The forces that are applied in these studies are thought to be much lower and more slowly applied than forces applied to the knee during competitive athletics. When a knee injury occurs during high-level sports, the knee is subjected to very high forces that occur very quickly. Unfortunately, testing these braces under these unique conditions is difficult.